When you hook up a new payload to your drone and you want to configure or tune the parameters, how about just opening a web browser and getting an interface to do exactly that. You can get that with the FlytBase platform and all you need to do is write a quick code in python and HTML/JS for your custom web app. This is only a part of the story.

FlytPOD has an onboard WiFi router and FlytOS includes a web server exposing FlytAPIs as RESTful and websocket calls. This enables remote devices to easily interact with the drone. And, you can make this experience even richer by building your own onboard web apps and defining custom RESTful endpoints.

FlytAPIs cover most of the core functionality required for any drone application and we keep striving to make it richer. However, as a drone developer, you might need a very specific feature for your application and FlytOS gives you the flexibility to implement it through onboard web apps.

Why is this helpful?

  • If you are a web developer or you know how to write simple web apps then, with FlytBase, you can also write apps for drones.
  • You can have a custom web app served directly from the drone. This gives you an interface that is cross-platform and is accessible from any ground device without needing a separate server or a native app
  • You can integrate the web app with the onboard driver for a new payload and get data or send commands to the payload by accessing the app in your mobile/laptop
  • You can build a fully featured app for your domain e.g. Agriculture or build a custom GCS or a quick Client demo or build simple utilities to expose new features through your app routes e.g. get onboard CPU % utilization, get console output (status messages), assign/get custom drone ID, transform position data to a custom coordinate frame and so forth.

FlytOS uses lightweight Flask microframework for onboard web apps. Custom user apps can be added as blueprints using the existing samples and documentation. You can write a complete web app with server side code in Python and Static content with HTML, CSS, JS.

FlytVision App
FlytVision App
FlytConsole App
FlytConsole App

Currently, FlytConsole and FlytVision are available as onboard web apps which provide good demonstration of the use case and also serve as reference for building new apps. We also use the onboard web app option for quickly building demos e.g. April tags, Joystick etc.

AR Tags Demo App
 JoyStick Demo App
JoyStick Demo App

Visit www.flytbase.com and docs.flytbase.com for more information.

Web Apps Documentation: http://docs.flytbase.com/docs/FlytApps/WebApps.html

Get FlytPi kit Now: https://store.flytbase.com/product/flytpi/


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