FlytBase is proud to announce the release of world’s first Internet of Drones platform. Most modern businesses run on cloud-based applications, but connecting drones to the cloud have been quite challenging. FlytBase plans to change that with its FlytBase Cloud platform.

The ERA of Internet of Drones

An introduction of FlytBase Cloud adds a new dimension to the FlytBase platform. It is industry’s first Drone-API as a Service offering. The platform brings along a number of exciting features for developers to further simplify drone application development. Unlike most Internet of Things(IoT) devices, drones are deployed in smaller fleets, have large lithium-based batteries, and send a large amount of data over a short period of time and called as IoT Drones. Drone applications need real-time navigation, telemetry and payload access over a high-bandwidth secure link. Further, drones are often required to make several critical decisions onboard. To meet these specific drone requirements, FlytBase has designed a custom protocol, from the ground-up. FlytBase Cloud makes use of this protocol to efficiently connect drones to your cloud-based business applications in real time i.e internet connected drones.


“We are moving towards an era of Internet of Drones (IoD). FlytBase is excited to offer industry’s first platform to help developers quickly build and deploy customised IoD solutions”, says Founder and CEO of FlytBase, Nitin Gupta.


FlytBase has partnered with to provide ready integration of drones with hundreds of business apps, such as, Salesforce, Box, Slack, Twilio, Cisco Spark, Zendesk, Dropbox, Nest, YouTube. This allows users to easily build automated workflows, that leverage drones as part of the solution, without writing any code.

FlytBase also provides a cloud-based drone simulator, FlytSim, for developers to completely test their applications in simulation, before deploying them on real hardware. “There are a large number of software developers with no prior background in drones. FlytSim helps them build and test their drone applications much faster, cheaper and without any of the risks associated with direct implementation on hardware”, says Sharvashish Das, Director of Engineering at FlytBase.

Drone technology abstract: Over last few years, drones have found applications across several verticals, such as agriculture, construction, industrial inspections, surveys. Drone industry has been growing The Internet of Drones era is expected to further drive growth in this sector. FlytBase Cloud lowers the entry barrier, and provides ready tools for developers, to leverage this technology for building innovative products and for offering new services.

Features of FlytBase Cloud include:

  • Real-time access to drone control, telemetry and payload data over the internet.
  • Extensive RESTful API’s for simple access and easy integration with third-party services.
  • Communication with drones over a secure link with 256 bit AES encryption. Token based authentication for sharing select drone data with third-party services.
  • Easy integration of drones with hundreds of third-party business and social apps over the cloud, such as DroneDeploy, AirMap, Twilio, Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, Cisco Spark, Jira, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • CloudSim: One-click access to cloud-based simulator instance for drone application developers.
  • Designed to work with variable-bandwidth, variable-latency, Intermittent links between drone and cloud, including 4G/LTE, WiFi, etc.



To learn more about the FlytBase Cloud, visit or schedule a call with FlytBase Drone Application Expert Today.


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