Last Sunday we at NavStik Labs celebrated NavStik Family Day. Every year NavStik Labs celebrates NavStik Family Day for all friends and family members of the team. This one day gives us an opportunity to showcase what we have been upto and all the progress that we have made in the past year.  As always, this year too we had a great turn up and the event was a hit.

The event kicked off with the team and some of the interns giving the guests demos of their respective projects. This year we had a variety of demonstrations ranging from visual odometry and visual servoing to obstacle avoidance and 3D visualisation and mapping and April-tags.


Later in the evening we had a presentation by Nitin Gupta, CEO NavStik Labs. He spoke about how drones are successfully extending the frontier of technology, and how we as a revolutionary product are going to accelerate that. After a brief introduction of all the team members and the roles they play at the company, he went on to highlight some of our latest achievements and our plans for the future


The event saw some well known faces from the Pune startup ecosystem, as well. Successful entrepreneurs and our mentors, Vaibhav Domkundwar, Gireendra Kasmalkar, Sanjay Kanvinde, Manisha Premnath, Vishwas Mahajan and Ajay Hiraskar joined us for the celebration. They interacted with the team, encouraged us and expressed their confidence in our work.

The rain showed up uninvited but that didn’t stop us from doing a live flying demo for our guests after the clouds cleared up. The Joystik app got the crowd going when some guests, including kids, tried to fly the drone on their own with just a tab in hand. Other demos, showing higher levels of automation and custom user-interfaces, tailored for each use-case, impressed the crowd as they got a glimpse into the future of commercial drones.


All in all the event played out wonderfully and apart from a few holdups (not like we can control the weather, can we?) everything went according to plan. Thanks to the team and all the interns, who did a great job at putting up an awesome show for everyone.



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