We are glad to announce the compatibility of FlytOS (framework for commercial drone applications development) with the Ardupilot flight stack, as we had promised earlier.

What this means is, that the Ardupilot community can now easily leverage the companion computers (Ordoid, Raspi 3, TX1 and others) to build variety of commercial high-level drone applications. All the capabilities of FlytOS, including, Gazebo-3D simulator, mobile/web APIs, computer-vision APIs, FlytConsole, authentication/security, etc. are now fully supported on the Ardupilot based drones.

Here is how a simple android joystick app can be used to control an Ardupilot drone:

An android app to get your drone operate in follow-me mode:

Use the FlytVision APIs for building advanced computer-vision applications for your ardupilot-powered drones:

Or, use FlytConsole, the web-based GCS, for configuring and operating your ardupilot-powered drones:

Build and test your drone applications in simulation with FlytSim (ROS/Gazebo based):

Instructions on using FlytOS for your commercial drone applications can be found here:


The github repository for a variety of applications built for FlytOS is available here:


To download and learn more about FlytOS, please visit: http://flytbase.com/flytos/


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